In this episode, we are talking about the bad theology that has led to incredible harm and for women, the LGBTQ community and scores of young people around sexual purity. We will share stories about our own experiences where it was often not okay to be our true selves within religious institutions. Together, we wonder we might hold the tension, and what do we do with the stories we grew up with.

About my Guests

All of my guest are students at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

In the Podcast

00:00 Introductions & stories

12:00 Avoidance of the body

15:15 Mistrusting self

20:15 The harms of denying desire

24:00 Women supporting women

38:09 Original sin & the problem of the creation story


Resources mentioned in the show

Dare to Know
Dare to Know

DARE TO KNOW, where truth is treated as a pursuit, and not a destination This is my attempt to flex my brain, play with ideas and move away from the group think I experienced in religious circles that just about killed me. Here we will follow our curiosity and celebrate using our own reason as a way to fully experience the divine in ourselves and in each other in more meaningful ways. It's about the messy process of growth and the bravery it can take, especially if you have come out of authoritative or fundamentalist spaces where asking questions was not encouraged. We will mess up, get it wrong and adjust when needed.