Healing is Messy!

In this episode I am joined by three friends who have spent 12 weeks talking about this material and exploring how we might conceive of healing in the aftermath of religious trauma. One thing is for sure….healing is MESSY!

Trauma & the Artistic Impulse

Many people who have come out of fundamentalist/evangelical trauma struggle with what to do with their creative side, with many describing a kind of artistic brokenness. In this episode, my guests and I talk about what happens to the creative/artistic impulse in white, fundamentalist spaces and how do we do better at sitting with suffering.

Theology & Collective Trauma

In this episode, we are expanding on the idea that as theology has been impotent to help individuals heal from trauma, it is also complicit in the collective trauma of marginalized groups, our nation and our planet.

Theology’s tie to sexual and gender trauma

In this episode, we are talking about the bad theology that has led to incredible harm and for women, the LGBTQ community and scores of young people around sexual purity. We will share stories about our own experiences where it was often not okay to be our true selves within religious institutions. Together, we wonder we might hold the tension, and what do we do with the stories we grew up with.

Religious Trauma with Emily Hedrick

In this episode Emily Hedrick and I discuss religious trauma; what it is and how is is harming so many people. Emily will discuss her own story and how she helps people work through trauma to lead more whole lives outside of religion.

Intro: The Intersection of Theology and Trauma

Trauma affects us all, either through personal experience or as part of the community, and its language has made its way into many areas of public life; education, leadership, mass media, journalism, psychology, and even human resources. In this episode, we will set...