Welcome to the fourth episode of our series on trauma and theology and today we are expanding on the idea that as theology has been impotent to help individuals heal from trauma, it is also complicit in the collective trauma of marginalized groups, our nation and our planet. 

My hope is that for the scores of Christians who have never considered how the trauma caused by religion is harming us collectively that this might spark curiosity to think deeper. 

About My Guests

Philip Hayes, working towards of Theology an Culture

Holly Greenidge, working towards a Master’s of Divinity

In This Episode

5:45   Definition of collective & historic trauma

12:15  The theological roots that perpetuate collective trauma

15:00  Trauma is embedded in the Biblical narrative

22:00  “whiteness” as collective trauma

27:00   America is where cultures go to die

34:40   What do we do with the exceptionalism of the creation story?

44:20   What does it feel like to lose your culture?

51:00   Is there a solution



Books & Resources mentioned in the show

Dare to Know
Dare to Know

DARE TO KNOW, where truth is treated as a pursuit, and not a destination This is my attempt to flex my brain, play with ideas and move away from the group think I experienced in religious circles that just about killed me. Here we will follow our curiosity and celebrate using our own reason as a way to fully experience the divine in ourselves and in each other in more meaningful ways. It's about the messy process of growth and the bravery it can take, especially if you have come out of authoritative or fundamentalist spaces where asking questions was not encouraged. We will mess up, get it wrong and adjust when needed.