Research Study - Call for Participants

The impact of gender roles & expectations within Christian fundamentalism

This project will gather stories of how women experienced gender expectations inside of Christian fundamentalism and how they write their lives after leaving. 

Requirements for participation

1. You who were raised, or spent significant time, in a fundamentalist Christian church; one that holds to conservative fundamental beliefs such as the historical accuracy and inerrancy of the Bible, Biblical literalism and Christ’s virgin birth, resurrection, and atonement for sins. 

2. While in this church you identified, or presented, as female. It does not matter your gender identity today.

3. You left your fundamentalist religion.

Interview Details

  • Interviews will be no longer than 60 minutes and will be face-to-face with Beth on zoom
  • Our conversation will be casual and focus on themes of women’s experience within fundamentalism; identity, agency, decision-making, creativity, sexuality, relationships and community
  • If at any point during our conversation you are uncomfortable, you can decline a questions or exit the interview.
  • Participation is 100% voluntary, private and anonymous and you can withdraw at any time. Learn more about privacy and benefits of study here.  





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